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Alcoholic Vodka
Alkoholist Vodka
Alkoholischer Wodka
Vodka Alcoolisée
Alcohólico Vodka
Alkollü Votka
Alkoholi Vodka
فودكا كحولية

Do not drink
Alcoholic Vodka

It’s expensive and bad for you! However, first batch will ship in late December 2022.


This product is extremely harmful to your health and can cause a variety of serious diseases. If you for some reason have to drink it, please drink responsibly. There are many great alternatives to this hazardous beverage. Please think twice before ordering.


Alcoholic Vodka is made from pure Swedish spring water. However, it is just as bad for you as any other vodka. Harmful use of alcohol is responsible for the disabilities and poor health of millions of people, and it contributes to over 3 million deaths each year globally.


Pre-order your Alcoholic Vodka today (or rather don’t). Our first batch will ship in late December 2022. Price per bottle: €40. Please contact for any further enquiries about this product. Cheers.


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