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In Sweden, a country known for both vodka and extremely strict alcohol regulations – it only seems fair to introduce a vodka that highlights the major side effects of alcohol. The real effects, far from even trying to be cool.

Alcoholic Vodka is the world's first vodka brand to list the deadliest alcohol-related diseases directly on the label:


Top 6

Liver damage

Cardiovascular diseases

Neurological disorders

Mental health disorders

Nutritional deficiencies

Immune system dysfunction

We simply wanted to put total transparency to the test in a category where most brands focus on smiling models dancing in the sunset, pretty far from the truth about alcohol. We sincerely hope that Alcoholic Vodka remains far from being perceived as a trendy brand playing on the strings of danger. However, if discussing the risks of alcohol-related diseases becomes a trend through the success of our brand we have succeeded.

Do Not Drink

Alcoholic Vodka

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Alcoholic diseases


Alcohol is very harmful to your health and can cause a variety of serious diseases. If you for some reason have to drink it, please drink responsibly. There are many less harmful alternatives to this extremely hazardous beverage.

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Brain Alcohol can lead to mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and severe brain damage.

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Eyes Alcohol consumption can impair your vision and eye health.

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Pancreas Alcohol is often associated with pancreatitis, an inflammation that can lead to kidney failure.

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Liver Alcohol can lead to cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis and cellular mutations that may produce liver cancer.

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Throat Alcohol increases the risk of cancer in the throat, oesophagus, pharyx and oral cavity.

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Skin Alcohol is associated with a wide range of allergies tha can cause skin disorders and even asthma.

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Heart Alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke. It can also contribute to cadiomyopathy.

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Stomach Alcohol can cause problems with the digestive system, such as stomach ulcers, heartburn and inflammation of the stomach lining.

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Alcoholic Vodka set out to try the limits of transparency in branding, design and advertising. By being 100 percent transparent we simply put the commercial potential of absolute honesty to the test. If it worked? Well, lets just say that the first batch our hazadous product sold out in less than six months from its product launch.

But our goal was never become number one on the vodka throne, so from January first, the production of Alcoholic Vodka will be paused and replaced by a Non Alcoholic Beer simply named Non Alcoholic Beer.

Alcoholic Beer



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